The Golden East Railroad Modelers are a registered 501(C)3 not-for-profit membership of people interested in modeling a freelance layout with various styles, techniques and time periods. Located at “The Junction” inside Golden East Crossing Mall, you’ll likely see steam locomotives and modern diesel motors working side by side.

Many of our members run locomotives with sound so you will hear the sounds of period motive power.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming group of Model Railroad hobbyists and fans, and truly love the camaraderie we share with the public each weekend. Among our ranks are veterans of older clubs, skilled technical, electrical, and computer engineers, public servants, and youth as well. Whether you’ve been in this hobby since 1981 or started at 8 am today, we’d love to share this hobby with you.

We are very thankful to have a new home in Rocky Mount, thanks to the support by Golden East Crossing Mall.

Come visit us on Saturdays from 10am until 4pm. Golden East Mall is a thriving mall with many shops. The Rocky Mount area also offers many unique eating opportunities, historical sites, shopping, and recreational venues. Come see trains running on our expansive layout featuring scenes like Wilmingon, the CSX Rocky Mount Yard, the future CSX Intermodal Yard, Rocky Mount and more.